Silent Nights

Silent Nights

Art by Surrey high school students in the spotlight

Work of teens in Grades 8-12 on display at Surrey Art Gallery.

From realistic painted portraits to surreal drawings, the art of more than 50 Surrey students is featured at the Surrey Art Gallery beginning this weekend.

The work by students in Grades 8 to 12 highlights the use of a variety of media, including photography, paint, paper and pastels, with subject matter ranging from people and insects to landscapes and architecture.

The 52 students represent 10 public Surrey secondary schools. Accompanying artist statements provide insight into the works and information on the goals and objectives of art education are offered through teacher statements.

Art by Surrey Secondary School Students is part of the annual Fine Arts Festival des Beaux-Arts organized by the Surrey School District to recognize arts programming in its schools. Surrey Art Gallery has been presenting art by Surrey school students since 1983.

The show runs Feb. 13 to May 1 at the Surrey Art Gallery (13750 88 Ave.) Admission is free. For further information, call 604-501-5566.