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Port Kells company offering free trip to Vegas at its open house

Mainland Truck & Trailer Sales and Blue Capital Equipment Finance hosting BBQ fundraiser for Punch out Parkinson’s
Tony Bhinder, owner of Mainland Truck Trailer Sales and Blue Capital Equipment Finance, holds up his fist in support of the Punch Out Parkinson’s charity boxing gala set for Oct. 20. Bhinder, seen outside his business location in Port Kells, is hosting and BBQ open house Sept. 8 9 to help support Punch Out Parkinson’s and its quest to open a Parkinson’s disease wellness centre in the Surrey/Langley area. (Photo: Malin Jordan)

Want to win a free trip to Vegas?

One local business will give away a free trip to someone who attends their BBQ open house on Sept. 8 or 9.

The owner of Mainland Truck & Trailer Sales and Blue Capital Equipment Finance is holding the two-day event to showcase his new location, but also to highlight a Cloverdale charity—Punch Out Parkinson’s.

“I wanted something with wow-factor,” said Tony Bhinder, owner of Mainland Truck & Trailer Sales and Blue Capital Equipment Finance. “We’re also giving away some TVs and lots of other great prizes. So there’s lots of ways to win.”

The Vegas Vacation is just his way to say “thanks” for coming out and helping support the charity, he added.

Bhinder explained that more important than the open house, or the trip, is Punch Out Parkinson’s. They are hosting a charity boxing night Oct. 20 called “Guns and Hoses” and Mainland Truck-Blue Capital is the title sponsor.

Guns and Hoses will feature three-round fights between police officers and firefighters with all proceeds from the event going to help fund a new non-for-profit care centre—the Punch Out Parkinson’s Wellness Centre.

“This is really about helping others,” added Bhinder. “We are the main sponsor (for the gala) and we thought, ‘How can we do more?’ So we came up with the idea to use our grand opening as a platform to help support the gala.”

The BBQ will feature an array of carnival style games, including a police officer dunk tank, a virtual driving range, a speed bag boxing arcade game, and a bunch of other fun games. Bhinder will have free food for all attendees and all money raised at each carnival booth will be donated to Punch Out Parkinson’s.

“We want to invite everyone in our neighbourhood and communities across Cloverdale-Surrey-Langley to come out and support a great cause,” he said. “It also helps raise awareness. We don’t talk about these things enough and I think just opening up a dialogue about Parkinson’s can be very beneficial.”

Frankie La Sasso and his mom Laurentia LaSasso run the charity Punch Out Parkinson’s. Frankie owns a local gym and has been running free boxing training lessons for those with Parkinson’s for years.

Research has found that boxing is one of the best exercises a person with Parkinson’s disease can do, Laurentia told the Cloverdale Reporter. “Boxing helps create that mind-body connection,” she said. “They move their hands and feet at the same time. Doing those sorts of challenges works both sides of the brain. Boxing seems to, neurologically, trigger some sort of slow down in the progression of the disease.”

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Bhinder goes to La Sasso’s gym and he was inspired to help out after watching Frankie give his time to help those with Parkinson’s. He was gobsmacked witnessing the profound benefits boxing training imparts on those with the disease.

“The work Frankie does for those with Parkinson’s is awe-inspiring,” added Bhinder. “I had an uncle cooped up in a tiny house for 20 years. So this wellness centre is going to help out those shut-ins, give them a place to go. So when I heard about it, it really hit home.”

Trisha Macphail, general manager for Mainland Truck-Blue Capital, said she’s also hoping the BBQ creates some awareness about Frankie and Laurentia’s charity.

“I think it’s just a great cause and I hope the whole neighbourhood comes out,” she said. “That’s why we decided to make it a two-day event. If people are working on Friday afternoon and can’t make it out, then they have the option of attending the next day. Everyone is welcome.”

In addition to supporting Punch Out Parkinson’s, Bhinder’s grand opening will celebrate his new location. Blue Capital has been around for about 15 years and Mainland has been around for about six. They opened at their new location earlier this year on July 1.

“This really is a way to help get the message out to more people about this amazing charity, the great work they already do, and this amazing Parkinson’s centre that will eventually be opened.”

Mainland Truck & Trailer Sales and Blue Capital Equipment Finance are located at 9616 188th Street in Port Kells. The BBQ is set for Sept. 8 and 9 and will run from 12 - 4 p.m. both days. For info on helping with sponsorship, visit

For more info on Guns and Hoses, to grab tickets, or to view the evening’s full program, visit

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