Nominate your family doctor

If you value your doctor-patient relationship, enter him or her for an award. Deadline is March 31.

Family doctors are one of the most important parts of a patient’s health. But how many times do we thank them for all they do and for all the hours they give up with their own families to help patients?

If you value your relationship with your family doctor and want to recognize them for the impact they’ve made in your life or that of a family member, the BC College of Family Physicians wants to hear your story. Nominations are being accepted until March 31.

The “My Family Doctor” award will honour and celebrate the doctor-patient relationship, which is central to good health care and known to help improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

The award will be given out in June at the Family Medicine Conference. Both doctor and patient involved in the winning submission will receive paid travel to attend the event in Vancouver.

To nominate your GP, go to