Playground project a good investment for Cloverdale realtor

Realtor Scott Moe matched $2,500 in donations to A.J. McLellan elementary's community playground project.

Cloverdale Realtor Scott Moe

Cloverdale Realtor Scott Moe

Cloverdale Realtor Scott Moe doesn’t have any kids who attend A.J. McLellan Elementary.

But he readily offered to match up to $2,500 in donations to the school’s recent coin drive. The school’s parent advisory council is raising money for what’s been dubbed a community playground project.

The west Cloverdale school, located at 16545 61 Avenue, is surrounded by families in a booming residential with hundreds more townhomes on the way in the next few years.

It’s already grown to a student population of 500 in just 10 years, and two years ago saw an eight-classroom expansion. The playground and school field – popular with students and residents alike – is due for its third expansion in a decade.

Moe views the school’s outdoor assets as an important local amenity.

“I thought this was a good cause, because everyone uses the park,” he says.

“It benefits everyone that lives around here, and the kids, of course, use it. It’s a good way to spend some money,” he smiles, adding he hopes his involvement will spur other businesses to invest in school fundraising projects including this one.

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