Lori Chortyk

Paw Prints: Playing it safe with dogs

Recent news stories about dog attacks remind us of the need to be vigilant when approaching and interacting with our canine companions.

Paw Prints: Fireworks are fun for people, not pets

While the sonic-boom of Canada Day pyrotechnics may be thrilling for us, it is not as enjoyable for many of our furry friends.

PAW PRINTS: Have your say on animal welfare issues

The BC SPCA is conducting an online survey throughout May to seek public input about important animal issues facing B.C. communities.

Paw Prints: Good things come in small packages

March is Small Animal Awareness Month at the BC SPCA. Have you ever considered adopting a pint-sized pet?

PAW PRINTS: Shoot wildlife – the humane way!

The BC SPCA is inviting you to participate in two new wildlife contests, one for photography and "Wildlife in Focus."

PAW PRINTS: Keep your pet safe around barbecues, campfires and fireworks this summer

What's fun for people in the summer can spell danger for our pets.

Paw Prints: Dog Days of summer can be dangerous

It’s time to remind pet guardians about the serious consequences for pets left inside cars on hot days.

Paw Prints: Make a difference for farm animals in October

BC SPCA urges individuals to take action this month to help improve the lives of the millions of farm animals raised in Canada.

PAW PRINTS: Hello, Kitty

There’s an old saying that “cats can’t add, but they sure can multiply”. It's June and already SPCA shelters are bracing for a flood of young, furry felines.

PAW PRINTS: Kitty ID will make 2011 a happier year for you and your pet

A few days before Christmas my family and I received an unexpected…

PAW PRINTS: Why a ban on puppy sales will help shut down a ruthless industry

This month Richmond City Council will vote on a new bylaw to…