Dawn Carson

Practice Positive: It’s a shame

Practice Positive columnist Dawn Carson says there's a fine line between humour and bullying when it comes to sharing on social media.

Practice Positive: My ‘other parents’ are great

They enter our lives without much input from us. They fall in love with our parents, then take on the messy challenge of step-parenting.

Practice Positive: Forget New Year’s resolutions – fill a jar of joy

When taking stock of your year, it can be easier to recall tough times. Try keeping track of the good things that happen in your year.

Practice Positive: In the eye of the beholder

When someone pushes your buttons, it helps to change your own perspective, says Cloverdale Reporter columnist Dawn Carson.

Practice Positive: Summer in the City

Why flee to some other hot spot when there’s so much to do at home, writes Reporter columnist Dawn Carson.

Practice Positive: Flip the switch

A bad day doesn't have to stay that way, writes Cloverdale Reporter columnist Dawn Carson.

Positivity is a state of mind

Excelling at anything usually takes practice – and that’s also true for a positive mental attitude, writes Cloverdale columnist Dawn Carson.

For the love of community

It is amazing how your outlook and mood can change when you immerse yourself in local activities from volunteering to karaoke.

Feeling blue? It’s not just you

Columnist Dawn Carson explores ways to cheer up during the dark and cloudy winter months

A new kind of resolution

This New Year’s Eve, why not make a pledge to be kinder to yourself in 2014?

‘Tis the season to make memories

Regardless of how you spend this season, take the time to enjoy it. You are creating memories, so make them ones you will want to remember.