Rugged Maniac takes over Cloverdale

The Cloverdale Fairgrounds looked a little, well, muddier than usual on July 15.

It also looked a little more firey. And a little more complicated to navigate, thanks to the red-ribboned race route tacked out on the grass.

In short, it looked like Rugged Maniac was in town — and it was.

The North American obstacle race happens around Canada and the United States, featuring five kilometres of track and 25 different obstacles. Participants had to crawl under fencing, climb over high towers, trudge through the pond on the fairgrounds and race through a spit of fire.

Photos by Arnie Licas

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(Arnie Licas) On July 15, Cloverdale was home to Rugged Maniac, a nearly five kilometre run featuring obstacles of fire, water and fencing.

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