Voters demonstrate a cynical form of faith

To the editor;

To the editor;

Near the end of the federal election campaign, I read that the Conservative party and especially its leader, Stephen Harper, would receive (according to polling results) a disproportionately-large amount of political support from Canada’s (minus Quebec, for some reason) Protestants and Catholics, the latter which had typically strongly leaned towards the federal Liberal party during past national elections.

The big question is, why?

Harper is basically a proponent for the very, gratuitously wealthy while letting the impoverished peasants eat cake; also, he’s intent on blowing many billions of Canadians’ tax dollars on weapons (i.e., F35 jets) of great potential for massive quantities of human deaths.

Did Christ teach these kinds of priorities by and for both his followers and non-followers?

Those who are familiar with the teachings of Christ will know He emphasized that His followers should acquire only that which they require to reasonably subsist.

Can any Conservative-Harper-supporting “Christian” truly imagine Christ supporting the extremely-expensive mass construction of prisons for people caught in a get-tough-on-all-crime ideology?

Large tax cuts for big corporations? I’m no Christian theologian, but I nonetheless truly cannot picture humanity’s Saviour getting into that kind of cynical mentality. And especially not the very potentially slaughter-prone F35s!

He was the embodied antithesis of these three priority platform policies that the “Christian”-supporting Conservative party’s leader is hell-bent on implementing.

Without doubt, such “Christianity” can be enough to make many non-Christians cynical, perhaps even unjustly towards the true form of this faith.


Frank G. Sterle, Jr.