LETTER: What about Heed-ing accountability?

This is in response to your article of January 28, 2011. (“Heeding the call of RCMP review”) It mentions that Kash Heed deserves credit for drawing attention to the current negotiations between the province and government and the RCMP for a new 20 year contract. I would say that the only thing that Mr. Heed is doing is trying to deflect the attention from himself and his lack of credibility. The article also mentions Mr. Heed calling for more accountability for the RCMP in regards to the Missing Women’s Case.  So let’s look at a few facts. Were not the missing women all reported missing from the “downtown east side of Vancouver”, thus making the Vancouver Police the lead investigators in the cases? Did the Vancouver Police not treat them as just drug addicted prostitutes? Was Mr. Heed not a high-ranking officer with the Vancouver Police at the time? What about accountability here Mr. Heed? Why Coquitlam or Surrey or Burnaby RCMP would be acting as lead investigators on Vancouver’s missing person’s cases. The same reason why Vancouver Police do not investigate other jurisdictions cases: it was their responsibility, which in this case failed miserably. Mr. Heed left Vancouver to become chief of the West Vancouver Police, where it is said (as reported in the news) he ran into trouble with the mayor by interfering in investigations. Mr. Heed is now embroiled in controversy over his election practices. Over-spending and the unauthorized campaign pamphlets and practices. Mr. Heed alleges that a police probe into his conduct is an attempt at character assassination by the RCMP. I do not think Mr. Heed needs any help in ruining his character. He is doing a great job on his own! With Mr. Heed it always seems that it is someone else’s fault and that he knows nothing about anything that happens to him. Yes the RCMP made a big mistake in regards to the death of Robert Dziekanski, but would a regional force change anything but the uniform and the cost. Take a look at the track record of all other forces in the area. They all have been in the news lately. The only thing would change is who and where the power is. Would you want Mr. Heed in charge of that power given his track record? I would suggest that Mr. Heed clean up his own backyard first! Thank you,   J. Edwards Cloverdale