Letter: A seat to nowhere?

A group of Cloverdale seniors wonders why there are benches overlooking a vacant parking lot awaiting re-development.

Benches on 57 Avenue between 175 St. and the bypass face an empty lot

May we ask the question, who paid for these benches (pictured) to be put at this location? There are so many seniors in Cloverdale who must walk to the shops or wait to take public transit.

Those benches would be a welcome sight to sit for a moment to rest or wait for a bus.

It seems these lovely benches will serve no purpose for a long time to come, they must have cost a great deal of money to be sitting unused along Highway 15 and 57 Ave. Could we please have some placed where they could be used?

Our seniors do like to walk.

L.  Olson, M. Harrop, B. Campbell

Seniors in Cloverdale