Column: Grocery stop Clauses a sensation

A surprise visit by Santa's better half turns heads and warms hearts, tapping into an under-utilized fount of seasonal good will.

A surprise visit to a local grocery store by Santa Claus’s better half turned heads and warmed the hearts of shoppers young and old, tapping into a clearly under-utilized source of seasonal good will and cheer.

Following a special appearance at Art Knapps Nursery in Port Kells over the weekend, Mrs. Santa Claus stopped off to pick up a few items for dinner before heading back to the North Pole.

As she entered the grocery store, she was greeted by staff and patrons alike, who cheerfully said hello and broke into big smiles as they recognized her.

“How are you, Mrs. Claus?” one man inquired, according to Mrs. Claus, who stopped by The Reporter earlier this week to share her tale. “Oh, hello, Mrs. Santa Claus,” said another. “Hi Mrs. Santa,” added a third shopper, and so on as she made her way through the aisles and perused the produce.

It was a revealing experience for the white-haired lady, decked out in a red dress and white-trimmed cap during her foray. After all, she’s used to taking a less public role than her world-traveling husband.

She paid for her groceries and collected her bags, preparing to exit the store. That’s when a young family walked in.

“There was a mom, a dad with a babe-in-arms, and a little girl,” Mrs. Claus recalled. The girl exclaimed, “It’s Mrs. Santa Claus, it’s Mrs. Santa Claus!” and immediately reached out to her idol. “So I gave her a hug and told her to be a good girl,” Mrs. Claus said, delighting in the reaction her visit created.

“The kids just love Mrs. Santa Claus,” she said. “The children just immediately respond. So do the adults.”

Considering Mrs. Claus is not known for distributing gifts or treats of any kind, the reaction is all the more heartening, she said.

“She doesn’t give you anything. All she does is offer love.”

So, with that in mind, we give an admiring tip of the hat to Mrs. Claus.

(Thanks for the story, Susie. Merry Christmas!)

– Jennifer Lang, Editor

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