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Not every news tip we receive turns into a story. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth sharing.

Thieves have struck Greenaway Park in Cloverdale

Sometimes, you get a tip or a lead you just can’t ignore.

Earlier this week, we received an email message from reader Theresa Weltzin.

The subject line posed a troubling question: Do you know who stole our favourite swing?

“Our favourite swing at Greenaway Park was stolen about three weeks ago,” the message read.

“Surrey Parks, Rec and Culture confirmed the theft and noted about two other disc swings stolen from other parks. Is there any way you can help find them?”

The last line was a zinger:

“The swing is dearly missed.”

A photograph of the lonely playground was attached; two steel posts can be seen jutting pointlessly out of the ground, with nothing hanging in the space between them.

Maybe not front page material, exactly, but definitely worth some more digging, I decided.

I fired off a few follow up questions.

While I waited for a reply, we posted Weltzin’s playground photo and query to the Reporter’s Facebook Page.

“Over to you guys,” I asked. “Has anyone seen the stolen swing?”

Before long, Buffy Dye commented: “How sad is that? My kids and daycare’s kids play there all the time and they really miss it too.”

Weltzin certainly wasn’t alone. And my gut told me there was more to her story.

Later that evening, came her reply. “I would love to help Surrey Parks and Rec recover their missing swings, which is why I thought to send you the photo and information,” she said.

“Hopefully someone knows more about it and can alert the Surrey RCMP for recovery of the swings or charges as appropriate.”

Weltzin contacted the city after first noticing the disc swing’s absence, wondering if it had been removed for repairs.

About a week later, they reported back, informing her that it had been stolen, along with two others.

“I believe they are looking into replacing it however that is unconfirmed,” Weltzin wrote.

It would be a great shame if it weren’t.

It turns out Weltzin’s youngest is a 15-year-old who is handicapped and loves the swing.

“It’s one of the things she can do independently,” Weltzin went on to explain.

“She would go there virtually every day in the summer and we could play tennis or just watch from the bench. During the fall, a stop at Greenaway Park for the swing was part of our regular routine for weekend outings. Sadly, this lost its allure ever since the swing was taken.”

And so, over to you, Cloverdale.

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