What peace means to a kindergarten class

"Peace is...', by Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten class at Surrey Centre Elementary in Cloverdale.

  • Thu Nov 10th, 2011 11:00am
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'Peace is picking up soft puppies.' Trevor Gagnon

Contributed by Surrey Centre Elementary in Cloverdale.

Peace is…

Peace is being quiet, relaxed, calm

It is different from yelling, fighting, pushing

Peace feels like sunshine

Floating on water

Or floating on the moon – way out in space

It is having enough food

Enough toys, enough shoes to wear

And houses to live in

Peace sounds like the crumpily sound of leaves you can jump in

Fish swimming

It sounds like Power Talk

And saying I’m sorry

Peace looks like the white clouds in the sky

Red leaves falling on the ground


It is sea creatures in the ocean

Crabs opening and closing their claws

Peace tastes like pizza

It is shaped like the words Peace Out

Or the peace sign

It is peace and quiet

It is a guardian angel

Peace is at the spa, in the ocean

Beside waterfalls

You can find it by trees and by the river

When you are drawing or playing with Playdough

It is in Columbia and it is in Surrey Centre

Peace is picking up soft puppies

Cuddling a hamster

Feeding a kitten

Playing nicely with friends

It is families

And being happy

Being kind

Peace is home

– Courtesy of Mrs. Jones Kindergarten Class, November, 2011

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