Emergency Response Teams prepare to secure the home where Anna Nguyen was shot.

Surrey teen says man who shot her was a family friend

It's still unclear what he was doing in the house or why he was there with a gun.

Thirteen-year-old Anna Nguyen says it was a family friend who shot her Friday.

She was at home alone on the morning of March 25, when a man in his 30s came to the door. Because he was a family friend, she let him in.

He went to Anna’s room, and a few minutes later attacked the 13 year old and pulled a gun.

“I just remember a really loud bang and then how my body was numb,” Nguyen told CTV News on Saturday. “Then he left to go to my mom’s room and then I grabbed my phone and ran out the back door.”

She grabbed her cell phone and ran from the 15700-block 90 Avenue home. She was found two blocks away, near Woodlands Elementary School where she goes to school.

Police then responded to a fire at the home, where they discovered the body of the man.

Friends say Anna has lived in the home for about four years.

Nguyen’s mother was on scene Friday as the house burned, visibly shaken by what she was seeing. It was her initial impression that Anna was still in the home and that she believed Anna was at home alone.

Moments later, an RCMP officer came and got Anna’s mother, saying she needed to join her daughter at Royal Columbian Hospital.

Anna is described by friends as a “funny” girl, well-known for her sleepover parties and sense of humour.

Firefighters quickly extinguished the blaze, but police initially feared someone was still in the home.

Emergency Response Teams descended on the home, checking for anyone else.

The SPCA was also on hand to remove a pit bull and a Rottweiler from the scene.

Anna wasn’t comfortable telling CTV News why the family friend had shot her, or what he was doing in her mother’s room – only saying, “It’s a personal matter.”

She said it was totally unexpected, however, and that he was a friend of her parents who she had no reason to fear.

Area resident Joise Pontes described the neighbourhood as extremely quiet, especially the Nguyen home.

“I’ve never seen or heard anything from them,” Pontes said, adding Friday’s events were disturbing. “It’s sad, very sad. I feel so insecure now.”

The Surrey RCMP Major Crime Unit is investigating.