Emmanuel Alviar was captured on video pushing a car during the 2011 Stanley Cup riot. He spent a month in jail this summer.

Surrey rioter pens apology letter

Emmanuel Alviar completes month in jail for role in Stanley Cup mayhem

A Stanley Cup rioter from Surrey is out of jail and has penned a court-ordered apology letter to the City of Vancouver.

Emmanuel Alviar, 20, served his one-month jail term this summer after being sentenced in June.

“Dear Mayor Robertson, I am sorry for pushing the side of a car and throwing a piece of wood at a window during the Vancouver riot,” Alviar wrote in the brief letter.

“I should never have done those things. My participation in the riot affected the community in a way by striking negative inspiration into all the hearts and minds of the community witnessing my crime spree.”

Alviar turned himself in to police early in the investigation into the June 15, 2011 riot following the Vancouver Canucks playoff loss and pleaded guilty in March to participating in a riot. He had been captured on video that was posted online.

Alviar said he succumbed to peer pressure because his life wasn’t heading in a purposeful direction, but has since found a better path.

“I am proud to say I am accepted and planning on attending my local university this September to further build on my character and quality of life.”

His conviction for participating in a riot also netted him 16 months probation and a requirement to perform 150 hours of community service work.

It was the first jail term handed to a Cup rioter with no prior criminal record.