Surrey man shot in foot over drug deal

Newton man was looking for drugs and had his cell phone stolen by dealers

A Surrey man is nursing an injury to his foot after being shot because of a drug deal gone awry.

Police encountered the victim just after midnight Tuesday morning when he flagged them over in North Surrey.

The 34-year-old Newton man had been at the Cedar Gardens apartment complex in the 13700-block of King George Boulevard looking to acquire some drugs.

The inebriated man discovered he had no cash, so left his cell phone and other personal items with the dealers while he went to the bank machine, where he realized he didn’t have the money in his account.

He went back and asked for his cell phone and was told he couldn’t have it, noting that was the cost of wasting their time.

An argument ensued, and one of the men pulled out a shotgun and shot the man in the foot.

He gathered himself and flagged down a police car.

He was taken to hospital where he was treated.

Police returned to the apartment, and while the suspects were gone, Mounties now have the names of several subjects of interest.