The City Centre Library construction has been delayed by weather. Completion is now expected by summer.

Library construction running behind

Officials believe the facility will be complete by summer

The City Centre Library will be completed later than first thought due to inclement weather over the winter.

Surrey initially thought construction of the $36-million library would be finished by March, however wet and cold weather over the last few months has slowed work substantially.

“The primary reason relates to the completion of the roof structure and related roofing due to wet and cold weather conditions in late November and December 2010,” according to a staff report to council. “Finishing of the interior of the building cannot commence until the roof is completed and fully weatherproof.”

The deadline for completion as part of a $20-million grant from the federal and provincial government was recently extended from March 31 to Oct. 31 this year.

Surrey staff are confident the library can be completed by this summer.

As such, Surrey isn’t at risk of losing funding for being behind on its construction timeline.