Surrey man Doug Nickerson, whose dying wish is to see his elderly parents in the maritimes is the subject of a trending campaign. (Photo: Submitted)

Helping a Surrey lifesaver to see his dying wish come true

Surrey man with dying wish to see elderly parents is the subject of a trending campaign

A Surrey man with a dying wish to see his elderly parents in the maritimes is the subject of a trending campaign with a goal of $10,000 to see his dream come true.

Doug Nickerson, known as “Little Doug,” has been credited with saving the lives of more than 130 overdose victims along Whalley’s 135A Street by administering naloxone — which reverses the effects of opioids — to them.

Sadly, he is now in need of help himself. Diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, he pines to see his parents in Nova Scotia. Happily, in four days, 170 people raised $8,312 by donating to the campaign.

He certainly has his fans.

“Love this man to the moon and back,” Erin Schulte commented on the website. “He was one of the original folks to carry Narcan and administer it. He has blessed my life in more ways than he will ever know. If anyone deserves this it is him. Getting him home is the greatest gift anyone could ever give him.”

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Sarah Stockall, account coordinator with GoFundMe’s PR agency in Canada, North Strategic, said Nickerson “has been on disability and has limited income to afford this trip.”

Fundraising organizer Lori Taylor Capozzi said she is “beyond humbled” by the generosity” shown to Nickerson.

“I had no idea it would take off like this,” she told the Now-Leader. “It’s blown me away.”

Capes wrote on the gofundme page that Nickerson’s mom is 91, frail and suffering from lymphoma and his dad is expected to be in hospital for at least three months after falling and breaking his pelvis.

The money raised will help pay for Nickerson’s flights, or train fare, as well as meals and cab rides to the hospital, she said.

“Whatever he needs. Doug has never asked for anything, he has always been a helper/giver. It’s time to give back.”

Stockall said the money raised will also buy him some new clothes and shoes, and cover his memorial service.