Election 2015: Voters’ Voices

Cloverdale-Langley City: From now until Oct. 19, The Times is talking to local voters about the issues that matter to the

  • Tue Sep 22nd, 2015 4:00pm
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Hanane Jarjoura is a Langley mother and small business owner who is concerned about her family’s safety. At the polls

Name: Hanane Jarjoura

Community: City of Langley

Occupation: Owner of small business Mediterra Soaps and Body Care. Husband is a member of the Langley RCMP

Q: When it comes to the federal election, what are the biggest issues that you, as a voter, face in Langley?

As a business owner: “All of the big things happen in Vancouver. There’s nothing to satisfy all of the people over here on this side. We need more promotion to drive people to come out here. There’s not enough of that. Even our mall is pretty sad. People are always taking their business somewhere else.

“Those would be the main concerns I have for running a business. This is a very small-based home business that I have, so for me the farmer’s market is fine. But I would like bigger events to drive people out here. Give them a reason to come out here and check out Langley. Spend their money on this side a little bit.”

As a mother: “When I vote, I focus on individual candidates.

“For me, because I am a mom, I have kids, so safety is a concern and having somebody whose main priority is children and families. Langley doesn’t have that. Sidewalks are a big deal. Kids walk to school and there’s ditches right next to them and no sidewalks.

“We need somebody that focuses their attention on family and kids. People who move out this way are families with kids because that’s what they can afford.

“They have to come out all this way if they want a house with a decent sized backyard. That would be something that I would focus on the most.”

– Miranda Gathercole