The Delta Hospital Foundation is in the process of changing its name, hoping to extend its mandate beyond the hospital walls. (Grace Kennedy photo)

Delta Hospital Foundation seeks name change to expand mandate

The organization is looking to support more community-based models of care

The Delta Hospital Foundation is changing its name, in the hopes of expanding its mandate.

At its Sept. 25 AGM, the foundation’s board of directors approved the name change, allowing the organization to make the necessary applications to turn it into the Delta Hospital and Community Care Foundation.

Health Authorities “have had a focus on what they call community health care for some time,” Randy Kaardal, chair of the Delta Hospital Foundation board of directors, said.

“You can see in the way we want to deal with seniors and elder care is often through a more community-based model.” he continued. “If our foundation was going to be able to play a role in that, and assist with those sorts of projects in the future, we needed to expand our scope.”

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The name change will allow the foundation to fund projects that look beyond the four walls of the Delta Hospital — projects like a modernized residential care facility at Mountain View Manor, outlined in phase two of the hospital’s high-level master plan.

“It’s always been affiliated, associated, or thought of as an extension in some way of the care provided at the hospital,” Kaardal said about the residential care facilities. “We would now be able to look at that project and help fund it and participate in it.”

The foundation’s name hasn’t changed yet. It still needs to send paperwork to the Canada Revenue Agency, which governs all non-profits in Canada, for approval.

Kaardal said the name change has been “pre-vetted,” and the change will hopefully take place sometime within the next couple months.