A judge has ordered a woman to sell her condo at this complex after a flood of complaints against her and her son.

Court orders woman to sell condo

Strata convinced judge of abusive and harassing behaviour on part of owner

Believed to be a first for this province, a judge has ordered that a Surrey woman sell her condo after a flood of complaints about her and her son.

B.C Supreme Court Justice Richard Blair, allowed it was a “draconian” measure, but said forcing the sale of the property was a necessary step.

In June, 2006, Rose Jordison and her son Jordy (now 20 years old), moved into a strata complex in the 15200-block Guildford Drive.

The relationship between the strata and the Jordisons quickly deteriorated, due to noise, abusive behaviour and harassment on the part of the Jordisons, court documents say.

Several letters were sent to mother and son, and a subsequent $100 fine. Over their time at the strata, the Jordisons amassed, but did not pay, more than $20,000 in fines.

Initially, neighbours complained about pounding coming from the Jordison suite that was so loud that it dislodged two pictures from the wall in a unit below.

One of the neighbours said that when she passed him, Jordy would make sounds like a pig and referred to her as a “(expletive) fat cow” and gave her the finger.

Another neighbour said Jordy called her ” `a whore,’ ‘a f—–g bitch’ and a ‘ho for a show.’ “

On another occasion, she testified she telephoned police after Jordy opened the door of his unit and threw water at her.

The court document says police showed, but were reluctant to get involved in the strata issue.

“The Jordisons’ actions amount to an assault upon those residents of the Strata who have been for some years subjected to the Jordisons’ misbehaviour in all its varied forms,” Justice Blair said in his finding.

He ordered the Jordisons to sell their home.

Rose Jordison has 30 days to list her property with a licensed real estate agent, or the strata can apply for conduct of sale.