Cloverdale Antique Mall shutting down

Cloverdale's massive Antique Mall will go out of business at the end of February.

  • Thu Jan 20th, 2011 3:00pm
  • News

A Cloverdale antiquing institution will shut its doors for good next month.

The Cloverdale Antique Mall in Clover Square Village is going out of business at the end of February. Business partner Tim Garrett says the Mall is closing due to an increase in rent.

With operating costs outpacing sales, Garrett said a more expensive lease makes it impossible for the Mall to keep going.

“A business like ours can’t afford to pay more,” he said. “Businesses like these are not making huge amounts of money.”

Exact figures were not available, but Garrett said the monthly cost of a new lease was described to him as a “significant increase.”

The Mall going out of business not only affects Garrett’s livelihood, but his employees, the 40 full-time antique dealers who run their businesses there and over 300 individuals who use the Mall’s consignment service.

Bill Reid, Executive Director of the Cloverdale Chamber of Commerce, said the Mall is one of Cloverdale’s biggest att-ractions, and it brings in shoppers from across the Lower Mainland. He described the Mall’s imminent closure as a sad state of affairs.

“It’s an incredible asset,” he said. “It’s been a tourist attraction for 12 years.”

In the past, Cloverdale was home to more than a dozen antique dealers. After the Cloverdale Antique Mall and Red Barn Antiques – another Cloverdale institution in the process of shutting down – both close up shop only two dealers will remain.

Reid said the Mall gave the dealers that went out of business another chance, but that is coming to an end.

“They created an opportunity for them to stay in business,” he said.

For the immediate future, Garrett says he will be putting together a major sale to clear out all of his inventory. Details on the sale have not been finalized, but he said more information will be released shortly.

Looking farther ahead, Garrett doesn’t have any easy answers. He’s not sure what he will do after the Mall closes.

“I’ve had my head in this for so long, I can’t give any thought to what my head will look like without it,” he said.

The Cloverdale Antique Mall would have marked its 12th anniversary on March 1.