The city has revoked the business license of the Motel Bollywood for bylaw infractions.

City shuts down Motel Bollywood

City bylaw officials say business licence violations have been 'repeated and chronic'

The city has revoked the business licence of the Motel Bollywood after what Surrey alleges are several “chronic” bylaw infractions.

The Leader has learned the Surrey bylaw department mailed a notice of business licence cancellation to the Motel Bollywood at 6670 King George Blvd., giving it 30 days to shut down.

Philip Huynh, Surrey’s assistant city solicitor, confirmed Thursday that the business licence has been cancelled and said the 30 days’ notice gives long-term motel guests a chance to find other accommodation.

One of the main reasons for the cancellation, Huynh said, was an alleged failure to maintain the guest registry according to the business licence bylaw.

“(There were) continued fire safety hazards observed by the fire department,” Huynh said. “Also violations of the Surrey property unsightly premises bylaw.”

He said that between January 2011 and July 2012 there were 10 inspections that found violations of the business licence bylaw.

“Fire safety hazards were noted on… seven occasions,” during that same period, Huynh said.

“It’s the bylaw (department’s) position that the violation of the business licence bylaw has been repeated and chronic,” Huynh said.

The owner of the motel did not want to comment.

The owner has a right to appeal the business licence cancellation before council on Dec. 3.