Twilight nears

Fences will be keeping fans well away from the set.

Twilight fans, take note: Bella’s house is back.

The set south of Cloverdale used as the exterior of the blockbuster teen vampire movie heroine’s home has been resurrected and rebuilt in Kerry Park, ready for filming on location for Twilight: Breaking Dawn later this month.

Diehard fans of the film series were dismayed when the Swan house set was torn down when production wrapped up on a prior installment of the film series and the small, wooded park returned to its normal state.

Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart, is the lead character in the movies – based on the wildly popular novels by Stephenie Meyer.

“Twihards” camped out the last time the production filmed at the site, back in early fall of 2009 for Twilight: Eclipse, and local school children at nearby East Kensington Elementary, had to change the route of the annual Terry Fox Run because of filming.

The park is located on 28 Ave., near 184 Street.