Jennifer Beals & Edi Gathegi in TNT's PROOF

TV production finds ‘proof’ at Surrey heritage church

Jennifer Beals to star in the supernatural drama.

Cloverdale’s pioneer cemetery played host to a TV crew late last week, when filming for the upcoming series, Proof, used the heritage graveyard as a backdrop for exterior scenes.

Proof – a 10-episode supernatural medical drama starring Jennifer Beals (Flashdance, The L-Word, Chicago Code), and Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket) – filmed outside Surrey’s oldest church well into the wee hours Thursday and Friday nights.

The show premieres on TNT in June, and has the tagline: “The Secret to life is understanding death.”

The historic church, located at 16613 Old McLellan Road and built in 1884 – and its heritage cemetery – has been a popular spot for TV and film crews, including Supernatural, Sci-Fi TV show SG-1, which filmed an entire episode inside the church, and the film Alien vs. Predator. Church – situated across the street from its modern counterpart, Christ the Redeemer Anglican Church – is surrounded by Surrey Centre Cemetery, another spooky spot favoured by TV and film crews.

Other productions include Supernatural, Psych (season 6), and Highlander, the TV series starring Adrian Paul – who is remembered by students at nearby Surrey Centre Elementary because he came over to say hello, still in costume, carrying a sword.

According to TNT, Proof is about a surgeon named Dr. Carolyn Tyler (Beals), who’s asked by a dying tech billionaire (Modine) to investigate cases of reincarnation and hauntings for proof.

“Despite her own, after-death experience, she remains Scully-skeptical and reliant on hard science when it comes to answering the question: Is there life beyond death?”

The question is particularly apt considering last week Metro Vancouverites were thrilled to learn the popular 1990s Fox TV series The X-Files (1993-2002), is being revived.

Fox TV has ordered six, brand-new episodes of the cult show and will be back to Hollywood North.