Readers’ choice: Meet Cloverdale’s newest comic strip hero

The votes are in.

Reporter readers have chosen the newest hero of the Cloverdale Reporter's resident comic strip artist's next series.

The cover of local comic creator Jasper Jubenvill's latest adventure series

The votes are in.

Reporter readers have chosen the newest hero of the Cloverdale Reporter’s resident comic strip artist’s next series.

It’s Al Lando.

A few weeks ago, 10-year-old Jasper Jubenvill sent in a list of five possible comic heroes, asking readers to vote for favourite new character.

Several months ago, we created a photo album on the Cloverdale Reporter’s Facebook Page called The Comic Strip Kid. We’ve been featuring Jasper’s comics there every week, and inviting readers to take a look.

Al Lando – a cowboy, we’re told – has beat out other potential action heroes such as  Rick Rasen, The Phantom, Soldier Jhon, and Spy i.

As of May 12, Al Lando was ahead with five votes, followed by Rick Rasen, the Thantom, and Spy i with three votes each. Soldier Jhon was in last place with one vote.

Since then, Jasper has created a comic book cover page for the winning concept, Al Lando vs. the Ghost, along with putting the finishing touches on his first two comic strip panels.

in typical Jasper fashion, it’s a dramatic introduction: the cover page shows a fedora-wearing, revolver-aiming Al Lando confronting a bad guy clinging to the front of a steam engine. “I bet your hands are slipping!” he snarls menacingly, as beads of sweat pour down the foe’s forehead, who tries to keep his footing secure as he straddles the train.

To find out what happens next, visit our facebook page. We’ve created a photo album called the Comic Strip Kid, and we post every new Jasper comic there.