Musical offers a bit of a twist

There are roles for ladies – and for gentlemen – in musical comedy based on 'Sister Act'.

Who said you can’t have fun in church?

A group of performers based in Cloverdale are getting ready for their upcoming show, Sister and Brother Act,

It’s a musical comedy presented by A.C.T. Able Creative Theatre, the Surrey Association for Community Living’s drama department, along with Events Unlimited from Sources Life Skills Resource Centre in South Surrey.

The show is based on the popular Sister Act

movies starring Whoopi Goldberg, and the Broadway musical the films inspired.

“We’ve added a bit of a twist,” notes  community support worker Sean Rougeau, pointing out the films – which centre around a group of performing nuns – featured mostly all-female casts.

“So, we had to get a little creative by adding parts for the gentlemen in our show,” smiles Rougeau.

About 16 to 18 members of A.C.T. are involved in the production, which is about half of the members of the drama department.

“They’re really serious,” Rougeau says of the performers involved in the upcoming show, who put on two productions a year. “They have an aptitude in being actors, and they really love it.”

A.C.T. also has a theatre sports group for members who prefer improvising and dressing up in a more informal setting.

“It’s completely no pressure. It’s just fun and learning some skills.” At Christmas time, the improv unit entertains celebrants at the Surrey Association for Community Living’s annual turkey lunch.

Sister and Brother Act is a joint production, with half the performers coming from the Events Unlimited group.

It’s presented Tuesday, Nov. 20 at Pacific Community Church, at 5377 180 Street, Surrey. There will be two performances: a morning show at 11 a.m. and an evening performance at 7 p.m. All seats are $10. For tickets, call 604-592-5599.