More of your Yuletide tales

Cloverdale residents say one of their fondest Christmas memories was the time it happened in June. Remember Deck the Halls?

Filmed in Cloverdale

In asking readers to share their Christmas stories, we also reached out via social media.

“What’s your best Christmas story, Cloverdale? we asked.

“The Cloverdale Volunteer Fire Department’s annual kid’s Xmas parties!!!! For volunteers and families,” replied Kathleen Dann Honey, remembering the good times. She lives in Hawaii but keeps tabs on hometown happenings via Facebook.

Another reader chimed in with a fond Christmas memory that didn’t happen in December at all.

“How about Xmas in June!” replied Twitter user @_EricaDawn. “When they filmed Deck the Halls and all the locals

including myself were dressed as if it were.”

She recalled how the extras were dressed in full winter jackets, toques, mitts and the works, even though it was 22 degrees out.

“So much fun though,” she added.

Dawn noted that some of the film’s (many) seasonal set decorations have been put to good use as a legacy in the historic town centre.

Movie magic, lasting legacy

Cloverdale’s historic downtown hasn’t changed much in 50 years, making it a popular backdrop for films, TV shows and even commercials seeking a typical small U.S. town.

But there’s more to Cloverdale than Hot Rod, the Adam Samberg star vehicle, TV’s Smallville, or, more recently, episodes of Supernatural, Fringe and Stargate: Universe.

Cloverdale was the setting for a Coca Cola Christmas commercial that featured a parade down Main Street, and as with the Deck the Halls props, some of the decorations from the production can be seen today festooning 176 Street at this time of year, creating a festive atmosphere.

For those not in the know, Deck the Halls is a 2006 movie starring Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito about two competitive neighbours who try to outdo each other in the decorating department.

Sadly, the critical consensus seems to be Deck the Halls spreads little cheer and rates a dismal six percent on the Tomatometer, a rating that means just six per cent of critics gave the film a favourable review.

It also earned the dubious distinction of one of Ebert and Roper’s Worst of 2006. But take heart: the DVD will make a perfect present for that naughty person on your shopping list this year.

– Cloverdale Reporter

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