John Voth stars in the Arts Club Theatre Company On Tour with Pacific Theatre Company’s production of The Foreigner

Funny farce for February

Pacific Theatre Company's production of The Foreigner takes a trip to Surrey.

Can you keep a secret?

In the play The Foreigner, only the audience and Charlie know that while on vacation at a fishing lodge in rural Georgia he’s decided the way to get some peace and quiet is to masquerade as a foreigner who can’t speak English. What could possibly go wrong?

Things pick up speed as Charlie hears people’s assorted secrets and scandals – from silly to sinister. A funny farce with an outlandish plot, The Foreigner is at Surrey Arts Centre’s Main Stage from until Feb. 28.

“It’s a tale of tolerance, friendship, and the magic of kindness,” says director Evan Frayne. “The play delights in Charlie’s private fears and triumphs as he and his hosts turn their focus from their own seemingly insurmountable problems to growing with and helping each other.”

Tickets are $29 to $46, including all fees. Call 604-501-5566 or check . The arts centre is at 13750 88 Ave.