OUR VIEW: News to make you crabby

Break claws and legs off living crabs and chuck the poor creatures back in the drink? Unbelievable.

  • Sep 14th, 2017

OUR VIEW: Tired rhetoric after every Surrey shooting isn’t cutting it anymore

Quotes from the past show we aren’t getting anywhere when it comes to Surrey’s never-ending cycle of violence

  • Sep 1st, 2017

Debate of national anthem lyrics is ‘moot’

Making the lyrics more inclusive does not reject tradition, but respects it

EDITORIAL: Don’t be duped by bogus bills

Pay attention to your bills. If you don’t, you might pay out more hard-earned money than you should

  • Aug 8th, 2017

OUR VIEW: Daunting task ahead for Surrey’s defenders of Hawthorne Park

Surrey residents’ campaign to protect Hawthorne Park from city council’s plan to run a road through it presents yet another case study in what democracy is all about.

  • Jul 25th, 2017

EDITORIAL: The weight of justice delayed

Years-long wait takes toll

  • Jul 20th, 2017
Cloverdale Terry Fox Run 2017


    Supernatural in Cloverdale


      RCMP on scene at 176A Street in Cloverdale


        Fraser Valley Heritage Railway launches the Connaught Car in Cloverdale


          SIMPSON: Canadians rally for wildfire victims

          It’s encouraging to see the province – and nation – come together for the thousands affected

          EDITORIAL: Too long a wait for safer travels

          For safety’s sake, changes should come quicker

          • Jul 6th, 2017

          EDITORIAL: Reaffirming our Canadian identity

          A historic reminder of what it means to be Canadian

          • Jun 29th, 2017

          OUR VIEW: Stalking coyote a symptom of fallen forests in Surrey

          With so much natural habitat lost to development in our city, increasing encounters with wildlife should come as no surprise.

          • Jun 29th, 2017

          OUR VIEW: Advance voting higher in Surrey ridings that elected Liberals in 2013

          All told 70,895 of the 353,652 eligible voters in Surrey, White Rock and North Delta saw fit to vote in advance this provincial election

          • May 8th, 2017

          EDITORIAL: Shelters not the ideal solution – for anyone

          Politicians and policy makers continue to pay lip service to some of the most pressing issues of our time.

          • Nov 15th, 2016

          EDITORIAL: There’s a push to get the Salish Sea designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

          Just what effect would the designation have on shipping, fishing, oil tankers, etc.?

          Editorial: On the record

          Cloverdale-Langley City: Where the candidates stand on pot for recreational use.

          • Oct 13th, 2015

          Editorial cartoon: It’s one way to deal with the B.C. teachers’ strike

          Cloverdale resident Ax Lloyd offers a potential solution to the B.C. teachers’ strike.

          • Sep 2nd, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Think inside the bargain bin

          Some incentive beyond sacrificing for the good of Metro Vancouver is needed if residents are to vote for new TransLink taxes

          • Feb 18th, 2014

          EDITORIAL: Distancing themselves

          Apparent backtracking on the desire to reroute trains from the Semiahmoo Peninsula waterfront drives a wedge between mayors, writes PAN.

          • Dec 12th, 2013

          EDITORIAL: A loss for all of us

          The judgmental attitudes of our society again came to the forefront in light of the discovery of the body of a sex-trade worker

          Editorial: ‘Social justice’ as student indoctrination

          The BCTF comes under fire from columnist Tom Fletcher