PHOTO: Cloverdale grocer thanked by local Ladies’ Auxiliary

Glenn’s No Frills store manager and staff awarded by Cloverdale LA for community work

Last Wednesday afternoon (June 7), a delegation from the Cloverdale Ladies’ Auxiliary presented No Frills store manager Glenn Scott and his staff with a certificate to thank them for their support.

“On behalf of the Ladies’ Auxiliary, we’d like to present you and your staff with this certificate of appreciation for all of your assistance with all of our community events,” said LA immediate past president Jan Campbell-Brewer.

“Glenn and his staff have been instrumental in our community events, donating all of the water for all of our parades, the cadets, hundreds and hundreds of bottles. Hot dogs, you name it,” said Brewer.

“Whatever you need in the future, you let us know,” said Scott. “We’re here to help.”

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