Cloverdale Legion offers to host kids’ Halloween party

With parade nixed, Branch 6 wants to show community it cares

A child dressed as a shark takes part in last year’s Halloween Costume Parade. The event has been put on hold in 2015.

It’s encouraging news for any ghosts, goblins, princesses and Spidermen who may have been disappointed that the Halloween Costume Parade has been cancelled.

The Cloverdale Legion has offered to step in by hosting a daytime Halloween children’s party at Branch 6 on Oct. 31 for kids aged 3-12.

The news comes after the Cloverdale Business Improvement Association announced the Halloween Costume Parade would be put on hold this year due to budget constraints, including the prohibitive cost of traffic control.

The annual event has consistently drawn hundreds of costumed kids and their parents to Surrey Museum Plaza each October for activities and a supervised trick or treat parade to local businesses in the historic downtown.

In correspondence to the event’s co-sponsors, the Cloverdale BIA and the Cloverdale District Chamber of Commerce, Legion executive member Cathie Koop says the Cloverdale Legion has offered to step in by offering a haunted house, hot dogs, and some prizes for costumes at a children’s party.

With the proposed event just weeks away, the Legion is reaching out to BIA and Chamber members to participate on an optional basis.

“We would also like to approach the businesses of Cloverdale to be a part of this, by putting out tents with their wares and treats so the kids can do a trick or treating by going around these tables,” said Koop.

It’s the Legion’s way of saying to the people of Cloverdale “that we care about our community and we want to help,” she said.