Grace Kennedy photo Charcoal and Woodz restuarant won first place for their ground beef and tenderloin chilli at the 20th annual Cloverdale Chilli Cook-off.

Charcoal and Woodz, Balance Real Estate win Cloverdale’s Chilli Cook-off

The 20th annual cook-off kickstarted the rodeo with seven different chillis for patrons to judge.

The 20th annual Cloverdale Chilli Cook-off saw seven different competitors face off in Clover Square to see who could make the best chilli, but only two took home the top prize on Friday, May 19.

Competitors were ranked by their status, either as professionals or amateurs. The amateurs had to prepare their chilli the night before in a regulated kitchen, while the professionals were able to make their chillis in their own establishments.

The two competitors in the amateur category were Balance Real Estate and Homelife Benchmark Realty, with their turkey-based Chili Chili Bang Bang, and Quality Qine Cellars with their Chilli Vino, which was made with wine, cinammon and chocolate pieces, among other things.

Balance Real Estate and Homelife Benchmark Realty took home top prize — and bragging rights — in the amateur category.

The professional category saw chillis from a number of local restuarants, including The Henry Public House, Rusty’s Neighbourhood Pub, Charcoal and Woodz Restaurant and Elements Casino. Each brought their own style to their chilli.

Elements Casino served their chilli in a tortilla shell with decorative greens until they ran out, and Rusty’s Neighbourhood Pub developed a spicy addition to their chilli.

Charcoal and Woodz Restuarant won first place in the professional category for their chilli, which featured ground beef and tenderloin.

Third place professional winner was Elements Casino’s The Double Down, and second place was The Henry’s Tex-Mex Brisket Chili, which ran out less than an hour into the competition.

In 2012, there were more than 30 different competitors in the Chilli Cook-off, a significant difference from this year where there were only seven.