Calling all cat lovers

The Cloverdale Show Barn plays host to cat lovers and their feline companions Aug. 13 and 14 when the Cat Fanciers of B.C. present their annual show.

One-year-old black silver classic tabby Larseboy will join the competition at the Cat Fanciers of B.C. show at the Cloverdale Fairgrounds on Aug. 13 and 14.

Cloverdale is set to go cat crazy next weekend.

The Cat Fanciers of B.C. will bring their annual cat show (this year’s theme: A Black Tie Affair) to the Cloverdale Fairgrounds on Aug. 13 and 14. The Cloverdale Show Barn will play host to cat lovers and their feline companions from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each day, along with vendors and plenty of kitties looking for a good home.

Cornelia Schofield, publicity co-ordinator for the event, says between 100 and 150 cats and kittens are expected to attend, and all sorts of breeds will be on display.

“It’s a huge gathering of cats and cat lovers,” she says.

Each cat will face a panel of 12 judges, with points awarded for body, ear and head shape, as well as fur pattern. Competition classes include pedigree cats and kittens, altered (that’s spayed or neutered) and household cats and kittens. Attendees will be able to have their voices heard in the spectators’ choice category.

Spectators will be able to learn about the different feline breeds, and breeders will be on hand for chats.

“Cat people love to talk about their cats,” Schofield says. “They won’t stop it if you start them.

“If anyone is thinking of getting a new cat it’s a good way to pick a proper breed.”

And if the overwhelming feline cuteness pulls on your heartstrings, you won’t have to go home alone. The TLC Cat Rescue group will be on hand all weekend with lots of kitties available for adoption.

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