‘C’ is for caring

Students at Hillcrest Elementary in Cloverdale were inspired to do more for their community during a unit on poverty this term.

Grade 6/7 students at Hillcrest Elementary in Cloverdale raised a total of $400 in donations for the Surrey Food Bank.

A bottle drive, a lemonade stand and an inventive Chewing for Change challenge were a few of the ways some local elementary students decided to put their awareness into action this school term.

The students in Linda Wilson’s Grade 6/7 class at Hillcrest Elementary broke into three working groups to complement their unit on poverty – a project they seemed to take to heart.

They wanted to do more than just study – they wanted to do something to help people in their own community.

Wilson said one group organized a bottle drive and ran a lemonade stand, raising $400 in the process. They donated the funds to the Surrey Food Bank, their charity of choice.

The second group organized an activity called Chewing for Change, designed to raise awareness that involved eating Warheads candies and blowing bubbles, and was

connected to a documentary about poverty.

The third group went on a field trip to the South Surrey Community Garden to help out, and learn more about the program.

“Before studying this unit, many students thought poverty was only connected to the homeless,” Wilson said.

“Now they understand that poverty has many faces, and is present in our own community.”

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