Buck the trend

Why get them a book when you can get them something wild for Christmas?

Gray Fox

Here’s a gift suggestion for the person on your Christmas gift list who has everything: buy them something wild.

The Nature Conservancy of Canada is offering Gifts of Canadian Nature starting at $40 that help protect the country’s wildlife habitat.

The recipient receives a personalized certificate and calendar, while the giver gets a tax receipt, and the knowledge that they’ve helped Canada’s critters. Visit www.giftsofnature.ca for more.

“You can have so much fun gifting them: ‘I was going to get you a book but you already have one,’” says Teva Harrison, manager of supporter development with the NCC. “‘Here’s a bear or an owl or a fox instead.’ Who wouldn’t love that?”

Founded in 1962, the Nature Conservancy of Canada is a not-for-profit private land conservation organization that works to protect natural areas. It’s been rated an A+ for fiscal responsibility by Moneysense Magazine.