Secrecy surrounds ‘legendary’ Army & Navy shoe sale

Shoppers will be lining up for the annual shoe sale, including at the Langley location.

It’s a sporting event disguised as a shoe sale, and with brands like Betsey Johnson, Nine West and Calvin Klein offered up at discount prices, it’s little wonder shoppers froth themselves into a frenzy.

Wednesday, May 6 is the 66th annual Legendary Shoe Sale at Army & Navy stores, including the location at the Langley Mall. This year there will feature a selection of luxury labels the Canadian-owned and operated discount department store chain won’t reveal.

“Why the secrecy? Because each and every pair will be priced under $50,” Army & Navy president and CEO Jacqui Cohen said in a press release. A sneak peek is at

Doors will open at 8 a.m. sharp.

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