Design changes

New name, new selection at Maison Rouge Interiors

Carol Gan displays the new logo and name for Maison Rouge Interiors at the former Pebblecreek location at the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall.

How important is it to get the name right for a business?


And when you are changing it to reflect a new style and approach there’s a lot of things to consider.

That’s why the husband and wife team of Stanley and Carol Gan took a long while when it came to taking their two furniture stores in Tsawwassen and Cloverdale in a different direction under a new banner.

What was known previously as Pebblecreek is now Maison Rouge Interiors.

“I studied design when I lived in Europe,” says Carol. “Maison Rouge Interiors results from my experience living in the French country and my passion for travel and a love for the uncommon.”

Maison Rouge Interiors has added a new range of B.C. made furniture and classic handcrafted unique finds from all corners of the world.

More affordable pricing and an expanded design range are other reasons for the shift.

“Our team has worked in the design industry for over 18 years and are well versed in design. We also do all aspects of interior design and staging consultation, and in fact as an opening promotion, Maison Rouge Interiors will be offering free half-hour appointments where our customers can bring their design questions to the store to talk directly with us,” Carol says.

She adds the quality shopping experience at Maison Rouge Interiors will resonate with their clients’ ideas.

“We want to create a unique environment where our customers feel inspired and can explore all their design needs in a fun and warm atmosphere,” she says. “From small accessories to entire living rooms, every piece tells a story. “

With a focus on Canadian-made products, Maison Rouge Interiors hopes to offer something different in South Delta and Surrey.

“There’s been a bit of an artisan-driven renaissance in Canadian furniture making in the past decade. I want people to come and see what Canadians can do.”